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Richard & Therese

Sargeants Mess Wedding Reception for a wonderful couple

It was such an honour to be a part of Therese and Richard’s wedding day. Even thought it was a little bit cold and windy (with a few drops of rain here and there) these two didn’t care as long and just wanted us to work our magic and capture some amazing wedding photos for them. I hope that you think that we managed to do this as we absolutely love the images that we captured. We couldn’t have had two better people to work with either as they were very obviously in love, and couldn’t stop smiling all day long! Their wedding ceremony was beautiful and was held in Mosman at The Sacred Heart Church. This church is amazing inside and the ceremony was beautiful and heart felt. After the location shoot we headed back to Sargeants Mess so that the bridal party could relax for a bit before they made their entrance. The reception was all class and lots of fun to boot. The bridal table were spoilt by the reception staff as they had silver service (where their plates are delivered simultaneously). Plus, the Bride and Groom received a big surprise when the while reception hall (including the MC) got up as a flash mob…. it was very cool to see! It really was a wonderful day and we were so happy to be a part of it. Here are just a few images from their day that we hope that you’ll love. If you are a friend or family member you can view all of their images online at their secure gallery here. Be sure to let us know what you think!

Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(1) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(2) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(3) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(4) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(5) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(6) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(7) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(8) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(9) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(10) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(11) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(12) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(13) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(14) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(15) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(16) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(17) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(18) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(19) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(20) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(21) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(22) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(23) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(24) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(25) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(26) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(27) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(28) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(29) Sargeants-Mess-Weddings-by-VIBE-Photography-(30)