Wallalong House Wedding Photography

Wallalong House – Hunter Valley Wedding


Jasmin and Troy were married at Wallalong House in the Hunter Valley. This place is the perfect venue for a wedding ceremony and reception. With endless photo oppotunities both in the house and around the grounds its a dream venue for a photographer.

Jasmin and troy-18 Jasmin and troy-4 Jasmin and troy-1The house was big enough that both Jasmin and Troy could get ready in separate ares yet still be under the same roof. I could bounce between the two while they were getting ready. Having everything at one place can make the day more relaxing for everyone and you could tell both Jasmin and Troy were ultra cool even in the final moments before the ceremony started.

Jasmin and troy-51 Jasmin and troy-65Jasmin and troy-86 cropJasmin and troy-211Jasmin and troy-183 cropJasmin and troy-231Jasmin and troy-278 cropJasmin and troy-365Jasmin and troy-402Then the moment came as Jasmin, arm in arm with her dad walked down the steps to the ceremony under the trees.

Jasmin and troy-480 Jasmin and troy-499Jasmin and troy-526 Jasmin and troy-643 Jasmin and troy-687After a little break to catch up with all the guests we heading off together around the grounds of Wallalong House finding endless places for photos.   Jasmin and troy-1051 Jasmin and troy-1134   Jasmin and troy-822 crop Jasmin and troy-871 Jasmin and troy-915Jasmin and troy-970Jasmin and troy-1017Jasmin and troy-1195Jasmin and troy-1164Later it was back at the pool side marquee for their reception with family and friends. It was great to catch up with Ashlee and Duncan, a couple I was lucky enough to shoot their wedding around two years earlier.

Jasmin and troy-1196Jasmin and troy-1486Jasmin and troy-1485 Jasmin and troy-1483Jasmin and troy-1473As the sun set it made the perfect opportunity for a few more photos with Jasmin and Troy, while the guests enjoyed the backdrop of Wallalong House during sunset.

Jasmin and troy-1408 Jasmin and troy-1414 cropJasmin and troy-1454Jasmin and troy-1438The night was full of partying! Thanks Jasmin and Troy for sharing your day with me. I cant wait to show you the rest of your images but hopefully you love this little snapshot of your day.

Jasmin and troy-1507Jasmin and troy-1542Jasmin and troy-1590 cropJasmin and troy-1599Jasmin and troy-1613 cropJasmin and troy-1634 cropJasmin and Troy’s online gallery is now live! Head over to ONLINE GALLEY and check them out. Remember you will need your password to access the photos.