Raffertys Resort Wedding Photography

Julie and Byron’s Perfect Rafferty’s Resort Wedding


Julie and Byron’s day could not have been more perfect! It was the most beautiful day at Rafferty’s Resort on the shores of Lake Macquarie. One of the advantages of having your wedding at a venue like Rafferty’s Resort is there is no need to leave the resort for any part of your wedding. Byron and Julie both got ready onsite at opposite ends of the resort so there was no chance of crossing paths. When I arrived Byron was putting the finishing touches on the reception to make sure everything was going to be perfect.

After spending time with both the bride and groom it was time to check out their water front ceremony. Before long the bridal party had arrived and the look on Byron’s face as Julie walked into sight was priceless! After their ceremony we walked around the grounds for photos taking advantage of the changing light as the reception drew near. I love shooting as the light changes, and the sky over the lake really put on a show as the sun set.

Back into the reception everyone was having a great time and it was such a great experience to share their special day. Thank you again Julie and Byron for letting me be a part of your day and capture these images which you can look back on as the years pass.

For all of the friends and family from the wedding you can now log in to their online gallery HERE. Please remember to keep your password handy to gain access to more photos from Julie and Byron’s beautiful day.


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