Peterson House Wedding Photography

Mel and Cecilie’s Peterson House Wedding

Peterson House in the Hunter Valley was the backdrop for Mel and Cecilie’s wedding recently. The first weekend of Spring gave us a beautiful day.

The ceremony started just before sunset and soon Mel and Cecilie had tied the knot. With the light quickly fading we jumped straight into our photo shoot. Peterson House made the perfect backdrop and there was no need to head anywhere else.

Before we knew it the reception was underway and the party really started. I hope you love these few images from their big day and to see lots more please head over to Mel and CC’s online gallery HERE      🙂

.Cecilie and Mel-304Cecilie and Mel-430 Cecilie and Mel-518 Cecilie and Mel-547Cecilie and Mel-738 Cecilie and Mel-799Cecilie and Mel-824 Cecilie and Mel-868Cecilie and Mel-1037Cecilie and Mel-1168 Cecilie and Mel-1208 Cecilie and Mel-1174Cecilie and Mel-1248Cecilie and Mel-1270 Cecilie and Mel-1673 Cecilie and Mel-1294Cecilie and Mel-1786 Cecilie and Mel-1801