Kooindah Waters Wedding Photography

Natalie and Andrew are married! Holy Cross Kincumber and Kooindah Waters Wedding Photography

Nat and Andy, our latest happily married couple, had an amazing wedding day! Their ceremony was held at the always stunning Holy Cross Church in south Kincumber. You could not wipe the smile off Natalie’s face as she came down the aisle, and Andrew’s face was just smitten. The entire day was more of the same, with beaming smiles and laughter all round!

For our photo shoot we headed over to the beach first, then back to Kooindah Waters for the reception. As the sun set and it we started to loose the light, it became the perfect time to step outside for one or two more shots. The reception continued with more laughter and fun as everyone hit the dance floor.

We now have their online gallery up and live and you can view more photos HERE. Remember to have your password ready to be able to access the online gallery. For everyone else we have a small sneak peek right here. Hope you love! Check back in a week or two and we will also have a little video to show of their perfect wedding day too!

Andrew and Natalie-4 Andrew and Natalie-36 Andrew and Natalie-247 Andrew and Natalie-268 Andrew and Natalie-334 Andrew and Natalie-357 Andrew and Natalie-383 Andrew and Natalie-513 Andrew and Natalie-597 Andrew and Natalie-728 Andrew and Natalie-748 Andrew and Natalie-809 Andrew and Natalie-824 Andrew and Natalie-844 Andrew and Natalie-922 Andrew and Natalie-1123 Andrew and Natalie-1150 Andrew and Natalie-1188 Andrew and Natalie-1241 edit Andrew and Natalie-1245 edit Andrew and Natalie-1301 Andrew and Natalie-1387 Andrew and Natalie-1424 edit Andrew and Natalie-1838 Andrew and Natalie-1847 edit Andrew and Natalie-1885 Andrew and Natalie-1888 Andrew and Natalie-1894